About Q-Shield™ India

Q-Shield™ provides high quality, completely reliable engineered thermal insulation solutions that are applicable across a wide variety of industries. Q-Shield™ is committed to establishing itself as a premier provider of high grade thermal insulation technologies to the global automotive and industrial markets. Q-Shield™ delivers safe, reliable and efficient solutions to its customers.


  • Automotive: Insulating components that generate high levels of heat
  • Marine: Protects sensitive components from external heat sources and contributes to personal safety
  • Locomotive: Effective for exhaust systems exposed to extreme weather conditions and engine rigours
  • Industrial: Provides protection from high exhaust temperatures in heavy duty engines
  • Generators: Helps achieve emission standards by maintaining temperature level at the desired level throughout the exhaust pipe as well as providing personal safety protection.

Product Performance Capabilities

  • Capable of handling continuous operating temperatures of 1800° F (982°C)
  • Flexible textile-based material with the ability to take any shape
  • Thickness of insulation from 8-25mm (0.315 – 0.984 inch) to accomplish required clearance level & temperature performance
  • Materials selection based on exposure to conditions to account for moisture, heat reflection, natural elements & more

Product details

  • Construction: A combination of woven or non-woven materials with a wire/textile mesh backing (if required) combined into a multi-layered product. Technical data sheets and MSDS are available upon request
  • Installation: Can be anchored in a variety of ways specific to application needs (velcro, wire, hooks & washers)
  • Limited warranty: One year
  • Cleaning: Warm or cold water on external shield surface. Pressure washer if needed (min. distance 12” or 300mm)

Q-Shield™ India Track Record

  • Experience: 10 plus years in providing insulation solutions on automotive and industrial applications with internal combustion engines both moving and stationary
  • Production: ISO/TS 16949:2009 manufacturing plant
  • Design & Development: CATIA software for the development of 2D & 3D drawings
  • Customers: Many of the renowned OEM’s in the automotive, truck and bus segments and manufacturers of diesel generators
  • Reliability: One of the most trusted brands in India in the field of thermal insulation