Vision & Mission

Q-Shield™ Vision Statement

Q-Shield™ is committed to establishing itself as a premier provider of high grade thermal insulation technologies to the global automotive and industrial markets. Q-Shield™ delivers safe, reliable and efficient solutions to its customers.

Q-Shield™ Mission Statement

To provide high-quality flexible thermal insulation solutions that solves complex high heat problems that allow our customers to meet their thermal and safety needs.

Q-Shield™ Business Strategy

Q-Shield™ Diesel Gas & Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (QSI) is looking to expand its operations to support the growing need for high grade thermal insulation technology. Q-Shield™ specializes in flexible textile based products that has a thin cross-section providing the customer with a variety of options for its implementation.

Due to the increasing demand for high grade thermal insulation solutions in the automotive space due to higher emissions standards and the growing challenges of high heat applications in the industrial and commercial space Q-Shield™ is positioned to increase its capacity and sales and marketing operations to support the growth in this sector.