Heat Management

The Q-Shield™ range of thermal insulation products are available to resolve heat challenges facing today’s modern industry offering temperature protection up to 1800°F / 982°C.

Proven solutions for OEMs and consumers: We provide robust and innovative solutions to the automotive, marine, and power generation industries.

High temperature control and reduction: Q-Shield™ thermal insulators consist of a proprietary multi-layer composite of materials ranging from 9.5 mm or 0.375 inch to 24 mm or 0.95 inch depending upon the application and packaging space. These insulators are custom designed for specific heat control applications.

Product lifespan: Q-Shield™ insulators are extensive and are highly resistant to long term heat exposure. Heat shields manufactured by Q-Shield™ are very user friendly, easy to install, and remove which reduces fitment time at the assembly stage, at the maintenance stage at service stations, and during the unanticipated breakdown of the vehicle. Re-fitment of the heat shields takes place within a short period of time either on the same application or on new applications without the need to purchase a new heat shield.